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Nathalie, manager of the Company, since 2011, was born in Chamonix, is the granddaughter of a high mountain guide, Jean Balmat, of the Compagnie des guides of Chamonix.
At Harmonie Immobilier, we are in love with strong elements, such as peaks, forests and the ocean. As you would understood, we love nature.
We are happy to share our experiences with you, whether in Chamonix, in Aubrac or at the Atlantic Ocean.

The real estate agency Harmonie Immobilier whose base camp is in Chamonix Mont-Blanc is open since 2011


Harmonie Immobilier, whose director is a Chamoniarde, offers complete personal support during an acquisition:
Advices, researches, visits, negotiation, offer to buy until the final sale contract.

During or after your acquisition, if you request it, we will be able to advise you a local architect, for your building permit deposit or renovation.


Simple Mandate/Sale of a property for residential use: 6%.
Exclusive mandate/Sale of property for residential use: 5%

Sale of land: 7% of the total
Garage sale: 10% of the sale price
VEFA mandate: 6% of the sale price including VAT
Businesses – Leasehold rights: 8% of the sale price
The fees represent the maximum percentages applicable to our services. Fees are payable by the vendor and include VAT at 20%.
The fees include visits, negotiations and preparation of the sales file.


We offer only chalets or apartments for winter rental, for the whole season. We do not rent weekly, year-round or summer rentals.

You can already realize what we wish to offer you for rent, by visiting the website. We may have other properties, which are not yet announced on the site, so do not hesitate to contact us.
When you arrive at the chalet, a representative will introduce you to the chalet or apartment.


(VAT 20%): between 25 and 30%,
50% lessor,
50% tenants
+ Drafting of the contract 250€ HT at the lessor’s expense.
Cleaning, laundry and certain charges are extra. Please consult us.
Deposits are collected in all cases.

Visits by appointment

are to be arranged at least 72 hours in advance so that we can notify the owners.
Thank you for your understanding.

FAQ tenants

COVID 19 hygiene

We are extremely vigilant about the hygiene of the properties and even more than before. Everything is disinfected, cleaned before your arrival, and this throughout your period rented by the cleaning team.
There are a few more instructions than before that we will share with you, but necessary for everyone’s safety.

How do I apply for a rental?

You can contact us by email or telephone in explaining us your rental request.
An advisor will answer you within 24 hours and will be your privileged interlocutor throughout your rental.
The sending of any rental request is free of charge and without obligation. Only one information document concerning you must be signed and completed before each visit.

What is the procedure for booking?
  • Select the apartment / chalet you wish to rent. You send us your rental request which will be allocated to one of our advisors.
  • Your adviser will contact the owner to confirm availability for your stay.
  • Your advisor will send you the booking documents by email.
  • You return signed documents to us.
  • Your advisor will then send you a confirmation email with the owner’s details.
  • Once the rental lease is signed by the landlord, your advisor will send it to you for your signature with the procedure to follow for the payment of the rent and the security deposit as well as for your entry of the premises.
What if I want to extend my rental?

If you wish to extend your stay, simply contact us by phone or email.
We will then check the feasibility with the landlord and establish a new lease agreement.

What are the agency fees?

Agency fees are included in the advertised price.
The breakdown is 50% lessors, 50% tenants
In the event of cancellation of tenants, 50% of agency fees will be lost without compensation or recourse.

What are the payment terms?

Deposits, rents and security deposits are payable to the owners:

  • Bank transfer.
  • On payment of the rental price season rental Upon signature of the contract by both parties, a 40% deposit is requested and made by bank transfer only. 2 months before arrival, a deposit of 30% is requested and made by bank transfer only. Maximum 2 weeks before arrival, the balance is requested with the deposit, to be paid by bank transfer
When and how is the return of my security deposit organised?

Once you have agreed on a one-hour meeting with the landlord or his representative, he will meet you at the apartment or chalet the day of your departure. You will return the keys of the apartment or chalet and make an inventory and a final inventory. If no damage is found, your deposit will be returned to you. The good must be completely cleaned and the supplied linen must be returned clean and ironed. On the other hand, in the event of damage observed at the time of your departure from the premises, the cleaning not done, the linen not returned clean and ironed, the owner has a maximum of 120 days to obtain the invoices corresponding to the necessary repairs. Once the amount of the repairs is estimated, the surplus will be returned to you by the owner.

Entrance to the premises

You will be greeted directly at the apartment or chalet by the owner or his representative. Entrance times are arranged in advance. We recommend that you inform the landlord or his representative as soon as possible of the estimated time of your arrival.

Departure from the premises

Your departure will also be done in the presence of the owner or his representative. Outings are usually organized between 10am and 4pm. We recommend that you inform the landlord or his representative as soon as possible of the estimated time of your departure. However, some owners do accept late departures from the premises or on Sundays and public holidays for an extra charge. Ask your Harmonie advisor for more information about the possibilities.

Who will be present when the keys are handed over?

After having previously arranged an appointment with your landlord or his representative, will welcome you the day of your arrival directly to the apartment / chalet. He will make an inventory of the fixtures and furnishings with you.

Is smoking permitted in apartments or chalets?

All our properties are non-smoking, the occupied property being a holiday property and therefore a public place.

Are animals allowed?

If you would like to bring your pet, please let us know. The landlord can claim a larger deposit.

Is linen provided in the apartment or chalet?

All our properties are furnished and ready to live.
The equipment provided is indicated on the description of each property. Household linen (sheets, towels, tea towels) and dishes are also provided.

Is Internet included in the rent?

Internet is included in the rent for all apartments/cabins for which the mention “Internet connection” is indicated on the form that we will send you, after your request.
Chamonix is not connected via fiber. The connection may be fragile. We are relieving ourselves of that responsibility.

What are the additional costs involved?

For rentals of one month or more, your consumption of electricity, gas/fuel, maintenance of the property and linen provided are at your expense. You will also have to take out comprehensive home insurance and the certificate of insurance must be returned upon arrival.
For any international bank transfer, you will have to pay bank charges. Bank charges for return of deposit, are at your expense.

Is insurance required for my stay?

Yes, although the owner is already assured for his good, you must, as a tenant, insurance multi-risk.
Harmonie can help in this process by offering this insurance through our partner:
Insurance multi-risk housing-cancellation this cancellation insurance helps you in the event of cancellation or interruption of your stay to be reimbursed for payments or remaining to be paid under the contract of lease, in addition to those for the unconsumed period and have insurance cover rental risks, for which a strict liability weighs on the tenant under French law, and more specifically for damage following a fire, an explosion, or a water and damage than the damage to third parties and neighbours. Harmony is linked to by no contract with this company which operates independently and cannot under any circumstances be considered to be agent of the insurers concerned subscribed guarantees.
Any harmony cannot be held liable in respect of its obligation of information and Council of a refusal to guarantee by the insurer fired such a legal or contractual exclusion.
The tenant is free to search and subscribe the same insurance coverage with another insurer of his choice. It must in any case be able to prove the existence to the owner on the day of its entry in the places.


Breach of contract It depends on the good and therefore the clauses of the owner. Obviously, they would be verified to ensure legality.
Any cancellation before taking possession of the premises does not give in any way to the reimbursement of agency fees. Agency fees will be lost in any case.

How to contact us?

You can contact us by postmail:
255 chemin de la plaine

By email:
By phone: +33 (0)6 63 75 93 53
Our hotline is open from 9am to 12pm and from 1pm to 6pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Wednesdays and Saturdays are reserved for visits only by appointment.

FAQ owners

Who is Harmonie Immobilier?

Harmonie Immobilier is a French real estate agency, managed by French legislation, opened since 2011 with a professional card issued by the CCI. We specialize in renting furnished apartments and chalets only during the full winter season (and in some cases, annual rentals in second homes) and in real estate transactions. By choice, we do not rent by the week and not in summer. We regularly train French real estate agents.

How does Harmonie Immobilier work?

Harmonie Immobilier is the intermediary between the client and the owner and takes care of it:

  • select clients who meet the owners’ expectations
  • find chalets or apartments that correspond to the expectations of the clients
  • to place advertisements to showcase your property to potential clients
  • drafting the lease agreement
  • sign a complete disclosure document for potential clients
  • You will be assisted on the day of signing
What are the criteria for our selection of your apartments/chalets?
  • The minimum surface area is 50 m2
  • Apartments/Chalets must be ready to live, in excellent general condition, without obsolescence, with equipment in perfect working order, comfortable bedding, bed and bath linen, in double set (We can provide you with the list)
  • The property diagnoses are obligatory and are to be paid for by the owner.
  • The chimney flue cleaning, insert, wood stove are obligatory, twice a year and are at the owner’s expense. (certificate to be provided to the agency)
  • Boiler maintenance… and fire extinguishers are mandatory. Certification to be provided to the agency
  • Apartments/Chalets must be located in Chamonix centre, Les Moussoux, Les Pècles, La Frasse, Les Mouilles, Les Praz, Les Bois, Les Tines, Argentière and les Bossons. We’re not going beyond that.
  • Certificate of home insurance to be submitted once a year to the agency.
  • The risk zone must be provided. In that case, or it would not be provided, then the agency will verify it. The agency will not take any property located in an avalanche risk zone.
  • We visit and select all the properties we offer for rent.
  • You must be the owner of the property ;
  • A deed of ownership will be requested from you
  • We visit and select all the properties we want to offer for rent.

Notice of Mandatory Value Before Agreement: (invoiced)

Advice of value is to be made before renting. As the formula indicates, it is an objective opinion, linked to the location, the quality of the building and furniture, the area, the result of the real estate diagnoses. This value notice, the life of which can only be valid for 6 months, taking into account the regular change in the market depending on offers and requests. No valuable advice is possible without real estate diagnosis. An agreement between the owner and the agency must be signed before any advertising is published and marketing begins.

If the owner refuses to rent, in the case of presentation of customers whose origins (breeds, nationalities) do not suit him, then he undertakes to reimburse the agency for all communication, telephone and travel expenses… incurred by the agency, as well as 50% of the fees of the agency that should have paid for it, on receipt of receipts and invoices.

Qualitative photos must be provided. If this is not possible for the owner, then a photographer will intervene. This service is payable by the owner, who undertakes to pay the photographer directly.

What is Harmonie Immobilier’s clientele?

We work 85% with an international clientele including a majority of Italian, Swiss, Belgian, English and French clients.

How can I be sure of a very good occupancy rate?

The occupancy rate depends on the combination between the quality of your apartment, its price, its equipment, its location, its standing, its presentation during shots and of course the economy to which we must adapt. Harmonie specializes in rental during the full winter season.

Note that if you wish to rent your main residence, you can only do so 4 months a year.

How do I declare my rent?

The declaration of rents depends on the tax situation of each landlord. That is why we advise you to turn to the tax department, your accountant or tax specialist.

What type of insurance is required to rent my furnished apartment/cabin?

The homeowner must purchase a non-occupant homeowner’s insurance policy from the insurer. The latter is mandatory. For any other type of insurance, we advise you to check with your insurer. Fire extinguishers and smoke detectors must be recent and installed in the leased property.

Does the renter have to be insured?

Yes, he must take out a homeowner’s multi-risk insurance policy, which he must give at the entrance to the premises.

Agency fees/Seasonal rentals

An agreement is made between the owner and the agency.
The owner, therefore commits himself, settled the agency:
50% of the agency owner fee at the first payment of the client, has been paid.
Balance of the agency owner fee, at the final payment of the client, has to be paid.
In case of cancellation of the customer, the drafting of the contract or anything that has been done by the agency, will be due and lost.

Fees include fees:

  • Find and select the right customer
  • The visits
  • The expenses of telephone, travel, putting on line on the website of the property to rent, possible advertisements, time spent, photos.
  • Monitoring of rent payments
  • The inventory of fixtures of entry and exit
  • The drafting of the contract is 250€ HT and is at the expense of the owner.

Conciergerie fees during the stay of clients in seasonal rental, without subscription:
The concierge during the stay of the clients (leaks, troubleshooting, freezing, bad snow clearing, minor repairs due to breakdowns, calls to the craftsmen…) If this should be the urgency, during the occupied period of the clients, the time spent would then be invoiced to the owners, from 1/01/18, the cost is 50€ + VAT per hour in day (from 8am to -6 pm) and 100€ per hour in night time (from 7pm to 8am) (excluding the cost of invoicing craftsmen whose coordinates you will have given us)
Any started time will be charged.
We invite you to check everything before the arrival of the tenants.

Rental Concierge Fees during the stay of the customers in seasonal hiring with subscription winter occupied:
You can subscribe to a winter subscription. If you wish to subscribe to a winter subscription, we then manage the minor problems during the rental period, if necessary, by making reports. (excluding craftsmen’s fees). The calculation is done on a % of winter profitability, net.
It can vary between 6 and 9% + VAT ( 20%)
Consult us for a valuable opinion.
The owners are required at the end of the season, pay at the Mairie de Chamonix, the local taxe.

What does Harmonie Immobilier not do?

– Inventories: if you request it, an estimate would be proposed to you. Otherwise, it must be provided by you.
If the inventory is not provided, then the agency declines responsibility if it should lack material (linen, cutlery, glasses…); it would then be indicated in the inventory of fixtures:”Inventory not provided by the owner”.
– The declaration to the Mairie of Chamonix, of the renting, of your property.

Preparation of the property for rent

The more impeccable the good is on arrival, the more we will be allowed to ask for extra cleaning hours, if necessary, from the customers so that you can pick up your apartment or chalet in good conditions.
We offer and advice you this service. Consult us.

On the Transaction side

We only work with an exclusive 3-month mandate, which allows us to work with our clients in confidence. The owner must have the energy performance diagnoses to be provided to the agency, as well as the parts requested and necessary for the file.
Valuable opinions are obviously possible. The cost is a minimum of 150€ excluding VAT. No opinion of value is feasible without having first made the real estate diagnoses, knowledge of the area…
Value notifications cannot be free of charge (LOI ALUR).
Consult us.

Chamonix Mont-Blanc

The mythical CHAMONIX

The consecration of Chamonix as winter city took place in 1924, with the Organization of the first Olympic Winter Games. Chamonix is therefore developing runaway with the construction of numerous ski lifts including the famous Glaciers and Planpraz, followed by those of the Brevent, the Aiguille du Midi and the Flégère. Today, in the high mountains, are accessed in 30 minutes between Chamonix centre and the Summit of the Aiguille du Midi, by taking the cable car.

It’s pretty amazing!

Now city and crossing with Italy via the Mont-Blanc tunnel, Chamonix continues to develop in seeking to balance the tourism and road development with the preservation of a unique environment.

The world is at “Cham”

The streets of this “mountain town” you will hear all languages. But this summit meeting in a common spirit that lovers of mountaineering, its legends, its ethics.

In the heart of the city, between two shopping, look up: everywhere it is there. 4810 m of rock, snow, ice, and dream for all. The Mont Blanc, highest peak in Europe, “object” of fascination, is climbed, with a serious and framed, preparation by a mountain guide, by hundreds of climbers a year.» Often ascension is made by a night in the goûter refuge, more high refuge in France and brand new (opened June 1, 2013). It is very important to book, because the camping and bivouacing are forbidden.

1000 Meters above sea level, the town of Chamonix offers a beautiful hotel, a beautiful restoration, and more and more shops range.
If the slopes in winter are closed because of the risk of avalanches or wind, Cham offers many other activities, such as snowshoes, tobogganing, skating to ice, canyoning, playin sports as Fred Ancey, former sports of high level which offers its services in room or outdoors, Yoga, a very attractive public swimming pool, many spa classes. Culturally, we recommend a visit to the Alpine Museum, space Tairraz, the visit of the paintings of Marcel Wibault memory, including the paintings are incredible and famous and why not a wine tasting course… (the alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health)

In summer, sports activities are important, walks in the mountains, mountain biking, Golf, climbing, paragliding, rafting, tennis, swimming pool… sports, or a tour of the Mont-Blanc in helicopter, with Pascal Brun!


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