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Democratic decoration

Decoration ideas between consenting humans

Democratic decoration

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It is in fact the art of staging its interior with a specific purpose: to sell or rent his property. Indeed, it is hardly pleasant for a potential purchaser to discover a housing whose decoration is total mismatch with his tastes. Fluo pink walls, nor the grandmother plates hanging on the wall can win the accession of all. Home staging, it is the the idea to make the property visually accessible so that all feel comfortable and plan their deco desires during the visit.

Certainly, we cannot please to everyone, but can make sure not to arouse repulsion. And in some cases, home staging can even cause a “coup de cœur!”

Starting from the idea that a buyer decides in the first 90 seconds of the visit, it seduced at the first glance. If the trend happens slowly in France, it is well installed in Sweden and England.

You have met difficulties to sell, to rent? Perhaps a bit of home staging would be good!

But what is the home staging?

At a time where the owners are increasingly difficulties to sell their property, home staging turns be an effective way to liquidate its housing quickly and cheaply. Because costs, compared to the sale price, prove to be minimal. By investing 2-4% of the purchase price to improve the property,it can be sold twice as fast and avoid heavy and expensive negotiations, and to rent as much more easily.

Home staging is not designed to hide the imperfections of an house. It does played on the space and light to bring out the full potential of the property. And it implements the principles that all does not necessarily think to apply: declutter, depersonalize, store, clean, repair, and harmonize.

Harmonie real estate offers to look after your property.
Contact us, we’ll share our opinion and a quote.

Some examples of home staging


After the acquisition of an asset, from time to time, some renovations, alterations, are needed. The work completed, post construction cleaning is done or not, you are not there and you would like to arrive in a clean house, equipped with furniture that we have received, its curtains, its clean dishes, decoration in part made… the beds made, in a house ready to live.

Harmonie Immobilier proposes its services to make your life easier.
Contact us, we will come on-site and we will send a quote.

Interior decoration

Bathroom furniture, bedding, sheets, sofa, plates…

The owner of the Chalet Charpoua located in Bois has solicited the skills and seriousness of Harmonie Immobilier, to develop the chalet of 170 sqm, today finished and ready to live.

Harmonie took care of everything.
Choice, management of the imposed budget, orders, deliveries, layout.

Some decoration projects


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